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Re: Link or Bookmark within a Page? Tooltips? Auto-linking?


Thanks, this is great! I updated Zim and you are right - there is a context menu item that permits linking to headings now.

I also note the feature 'tooltips' of index items exists, which can be turned on/off in settings, but can anyone tell me if it's possible to edit the content? At present it appears to simply repeat the word in the index (which is obviously redundant). I tried editing the heading of the page to be different to the name, but it didn't change the tooltip.

I also note that the address of any link is shown when you hover over it, so if that could be redirected to (say) the page heading of the target, 'that would make me so happy!'

On 12/11/2021 21:13, Shivam wrote:
Hi Jon,

Your first request (i.e. "linking to a section within a page") was implemented in the most recent Zim release (if I remember correctly). From a given page, you can now link to headings within another page.

Your other 2 requests are good wishlist requests. The third one should be easy to implement through a plugin. Perhaps, you can write a plugin for that if possible. The second request is more tricky, but achievable. But, good requests really. Would love to see them implemented.

On Thu, 11 Nov 2021 at 13:35, jon <jomara@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jomara@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    Sorry, not sure what words to use but - The links in Zim are to a
    page. But is it possible to have a link that goes to a specific
    _place _in a page? Or can that be a wishlist item?

    A related wishlist item - to have the ability to create 'tooltip'
    like links? So that _hovering _over the link reveals the content
    (rather than just the address)?

    And for the hat-trick, my third wishlist item is the ability for
    the engine to auto-detect keywords. An example - If 'ObjectPage'
    is a real page in a wiki, then the engine will create a link every
    time that word is typed. If there are multiple paths which use the
    same word, then a pop-up offers the user options to select the
    correct one (e.g. parent1/ObjectPage or parent2/sub/ObjectPage).


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