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Imported a lot of files, now indexing is taking forever



Loving Zim but got a problem -

I just updated to the latest Zim version (on PC), and followed the help instructions to process a bunch of text files to be valid for Zim to read, and restarted Zim - immediately it started reindexing, but doesn't seem to end.

I terminated Zim after an hour and restarted, and the processor (fan) is grinding on again with the indexer window open - the progress bar gets stuck then seems to show activity, but no idea how much progress has been made.

I have 7k files and about 30mb (almost all text).

Any advice how to overcome this, or how long to wait? e.g. if some of the files are invalid (e.g. title characters illegal) would that just get skipped or cause a bigger problem?

Also it's possible that some files now have two headers due to batch processing the conversion in np++, is this likely to be a problem?



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