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Re: Large notepad freezes when typing a few letters


Repost of earlier post body.. without embedded attachment (seemed to hijack the post):

Also updated: Reducing the notebook to 4,036 Files, 831 Folders, 14.4MB - and the freezing during text entry stops happening - Great!

Does that mean I can't have a notebook much bigger than that, or is something else going on?

Update to earlier post 'Imported a lot of files, now indexing is taking forever' -

I've been trying to get the balance right in notebook size v performance, but still have major issues. In its current form my notebook is unusable bc the PC freezes for a few seconds after typing just a few letters... it seems to be saving/indexing/? every x seconds even if I am typing.

I will reduce my notebook size again until it behaves normally. But perhaps you could consider reducing background activity during text entry? or allow the user to pause re-indexing?

My notebook is currently 4532 items, 14.7MB

Due to my importing of files, some 'dodgy' files made it through - Is the presence of these filetypes likely to pose a problem for Zim? In a perfect world, I would like Zim to be completely integrated with my folder organisation, to avoid having one tree for Zim and another for (say) PDFs.

(I did follow the Help file protocols to ensure filenames had no spaces and the Zim txt headers were applied. Indexing on first import using the external script you provided took only a few minutes).



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