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Re: Missing plymouth problem with 2.6.37


Am 18.08.2011 08:39 schrieb <al544@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> I have been trying to follow the guide in
http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/tegra/2.6.37/README, using
the nvflash from
> I have had a couple of problems. The first is minor: the README suggests
using the command
> sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash --bl ./fastboot.bin --read 6
tegra_partition_6.bin --go
> when this should be sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash --bl
./../prebuilt/fastboot.stock.bin --read 6 tegra_partition_6.bin --go
The new guide un the ubuntu wiki will have that corrected,please note that
all time i can invest into ac100 work currently goes into the oeiric images
for cdimage.ubuntu.com
> The second is more serious: After putting the boot image on partition 6,
and attaching a USB-drive with the rootfs.tgz (formatted in ext3), upon
booting there is an error message about a missing /sbin/plymouthd and
Thats just a harmless warning, ignore it.
> The installer continues after this, and allows me to choose location,
keyboard layout, username and password. Soon after this, immediately after a
message about "configuring keyboard", the installer crashed. I am left with
a blank desktop, with only access the the possible wireless networks, the
sound settings, and the shutdown menu. Clicking on shutdown brings up the
shutdown dialogue, but does not shutdown the device. I cannot log on to the
tty consoles (accessed via ctrl-alt-F2 etc) fails, as the username/password
I have just chosen are not recognised. If I shutdown the device by holding
the power button, and then restart, I get the same message about missing
plymouth, and the device loops around trying to start up.
> I am using an ac100-10Z, and would be very grateful for suggestions. This
seems to be a very similar problem to that in Charles-Michel Marle's post on
the 22nd of July (https://lists.launchpad.net/ac100/msg00054.html), if that

For the ac100-10z (and the other models using a sandisk emmc that have
theTRIM bug) installation to eMMC is currently not supported by the natty
installer. You can install to usb or SD card though.


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