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Re: Missing plymouth problem with 2.6.37


Am Donnerstag, den 18.08.2011, 11:18 +0200 schrieb Joachim Steinmetz:
> Hi!
> For your information: I have no sandisc, got the plymouthd-error,
> installer was lacking a bit (pointer freezes), but now mashine is
> working.
well, i thought you said you had a 10Z ... but to be sure, check the
content of:


0x000011 is a toshiba MMC
0x000002 is sandisk

the latter has a hardware bug with TRIM support which causes filesystem
corruption, this is fixed in later kernels but not in the natty
installer. to my knowledge all 10Z models have sandisk MMCs, if the
above returns 0x000011 i would be quite surprised...

plymouthd cant be installed in the initramfs due to size issues, the
warning message from the script that starts the splash in your initramfs
is currently expected.


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