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Re: oneiric installation


Charles-Michel Marle <cmm1934@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
Besides, I did not notice the working of the webcam during installation.
I wonder how the webcam is connected to the system: the command


yields nothing, and the command


only shows usb 2.0 root hubs, a "Standard Microsystems Corp" something and a "Micro Star International" something.
Maybe one of these is the webcam? or the wifi?

One of them should be the webcam...

I've experienced the same issue on one of my ac100s. One day,
the webcam has silently disappeared from my USB devices. It never
came back

I assume it's an hardware error somewhere, may be a faulty connector.
As it's located right near the wifi module which is known to be sensible to
finger pressure, it's not an irealistic possibility :p.

I didn't take time to investigate the issue (it's only my dev machine, not the
one I daily use).


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