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Re: Raring on AC100?


On 04/30/2013 01:33 PM, Nicolás Wolovick wrote:
Could you report after installing raring? I'd like to know if 13.04 is
working correctly in AC100.
My current 12.04 is rock-solid, but I'd like to change if I keep swsusp,
wifi and such.

Best, Nico

So initially, my impression is that the image is broke. Not sure what happened, but after a successful flash of the Raring image and a reboot, X fails to load. I've got a back-lit, blank, black screen, and that's it. No apparent DM, nothing.

During install, I chose all defaults except for the TZ and use credentials and language. I left login set to "Require Password" so I should be seeing a login.

I CAN shift to a VT and log in to the console, but graphics is hosed.

And apparently, I'm not the only one with that issue. Coincidentally, there was another person who hopped into #ac100 and asked about exactly the same thing just an hour before I logged in to ask. Neither of us got any response though :(

So is there some trick necessary to get graphics working with Raring on the AC100?

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