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Re: Working as a team on Nautilis


On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 1:36 PM, C de-Avillez <hggdh2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 03/29/2011 10:12 AM, Joseph Areeda wrote:
>> That is one of my issues that I'm looking for a solution.  Most
>> package names are meaningless to me and my research on what they are
>> is hoping for something informative in the first few pages of google.
Maybe we could coordinate with the beginners team if we could create a
'Desktop Schema' about what application is who and what he does in our
Desktop but oriented to new people, let me explain a bit of this. One
common task as a new triager (at least was for me) is identify what
package is doing X task in my desktop because you want to know which
package should I choose when I am filling a report (not all the
application have this option or have an hook in apport), however most
of the time we don't know exactly who they are and what they do so if
we create a short form (a wiki page?) with some essential information

- Package: Nautilis
- Description: Default file manager in Ubuntu Desktop
- Related issues: create, move or delete files or folders.
- Apport Compatible (has a hook): Yes
- Screenshot/Video: a_nice_action_picture_here.jpg
- Etc...

Could help a lot IMHO to our new triagers, in any case is just an idea ;)

Best Regards,

Victor Vargas B.
Latitud:  -33.439177,-70.625267
Santiago, Chile.