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Re: Improving the doc on configuring editors on Windows


On Sunday 29 November 2009 08:59:38 DeeJay wrote:
> As discussed, revised and anonymised screenshot attached.
> I have also put this in a branch of the original code on Launchpad and
> generated a merge proposal for Ian's attention. My branch is at
> lp:~smartgpx/bzr-explorer-website/config_for_xp
> DJ


That's swell!  AFAIK, you have followed the protocol to the letter or very 
close to it.  Congratulations!  Actually, there was, after all, no need to 
send me a separate copy of the image - I downloaded your "feature branch"
just to have a look at it.  Downloading it from a server is allways better, as 
the attachments are not an efficient way to transmit bulky information, such as 

I suspect that the colour mismatch is something to consider.  I thought it was 
a simple matter to first adjust the colours of the pop-up windows, before 
taikng snaps of the windows. However, I better not talk about that as I have 
not used Win for several years.

I think that some leading people have fully appreciated the proverb "Give a 
hungry man a fish and he has a meal for a day. Give him a hook and he may feed 
himself for life".  So they are prepared to show infinite patience in the 
expectation that the members will learn and eventually will return senior's 
work with interest in their contributions ro FOSS - Free Open Source Software.  
As many developers prefer to work with Linux OS, people with skills  in Win OS 
are particularly valuable!

I am in no way entitled to speak on behaf of seniors, nor do I gain favours os 
any kind by praise of their work. 

I notice that you are already in doc-dev team, so I look forward to seeing you 
on this list.

Thank you for your work to date,

with kind regards,