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Re: the branching thing


2009/12/2 Martin Pool <mbp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> 2009/12/2 Sebastian Spiess <sebastian.spiess@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hi Bzr-doc List,
>> I've used bazaar now for a while - I'm not a programmer so my usage is
>> mostly keeping track of some batch files and /etc/* and I'm not familiar
>> with a typical code colaboration work flow.
>> By now I've read quite a few pages in
>> http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide but I could not figure
>> out how I get started with having branches etc.
>> My current challenge is that I've got a .htaccess file, sort of my
>> trunk.
>> Now I want to branch the htaccess file for multiple domains with small
>> variations.
>> If I have a change which will affect all branches I do the modification
>> in trunk and pull in the branches. Thats what I think I need to do - but
>> how exactly.
> So it seems to me that probably you don't want to eventually merge all
> the different domains together, but to have several different related
> files.
> The way I would probably tackle this is to use apache's configuration
> setup so that each domain actually reads multiple files - one for the
> common stuff, one for things specific to that domain, perhaps some
> others if there are classes of domains that work together.  I can't
> recall off hand if there is an Include directive you can use in
> .htaccess, but it's probably possible.  Then put the whole suite of
> config files into bzr.
> hth
> --
> Martin <http://launchpad.net/~mbp/>

Hi Pat,
Hi Martin,

first thanks Pat for your long but simple explanation, I think that is
what I was looking for in the official help file.

Re htaccess and possible includes I have to admit the example was a
placeholder to have a simple exmaple.
What I really want to do is to branch a DokuWiki from github. Make my
own working branch (e.g. template-trunk), create multiple branches
(e.g. template-mod1, mod2...) to add to CSS, html etc and then merge
them back into my template-trunk. If the main template on github
changes I want to pull/merge them into my template-trunk.

What I'm not sure now is how will I merge my template-mod1..2.. back
into template-trunk?

So thank you again for the detailed replies