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Re: Tutorial on using Bazaar Explorer pending


Roger Erens wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> thanks for the tutorial. However, aren't these requirements *very*
> bleeding edge?
>     * QBzr 0.17 or later
>     * Bazaar Explorer 0.10.0 or later.

Hi Roger,

They are bleeding edge, that's true. When I wrote the doc last week, I
was expecting those versions to be released early this week in time for
bzr 2.1.0b4. It seems I was expecting 2.1.0b4 2 weeks earlier than the
actual schedule. My mistake.

> Another thing:
> Bazaar Explorer fails to start up when there is no ~/.bazaar
> directory. It is apparently needed to make the explorer directory in.

IIUIC, this is fixed now in Explorer's trunk.

Ian C.