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Re: cloud-init removal of python 2.6 support, and python 2 deprecation plan



On 08/28/2018 12:19 PM, Scott Moser wrote:
> Hi all,
> ## Python 3 versions. ##
> cloud-init supports Python 3 version 3.5+

Any chance we can drop this to 3.4+?

SLES 12 has Python 3.4 available. General support for SLES 12 (currently
using a Python 2 build) ends in 2024. Freezing the cloud-init version
for 4 years on SLES 12 is a really long time. The other option is being
more or less on my own with backports and that's not a great outlook. If
you'd be willing to support Python 3.4 and greater that would make those
issues go away.


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