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Re: cloud-init removal of python 2.6 support, and python 2 deprecation plan



On 08/28/2018 09:48 PM, Scott Moser wrote:
> Thanks for raising this.
> This is the sort of feedback I was after.
> I'm not immediately opposed to supporting sles 12 in the way that we
> have centos 6 for python2.6.
> At what point do you think it would be reasonable to drop the 3.4
> support then? 

2022 or 2023, meaning there would be a frozen as in "no new features"
cloud-init version for 1 or 2 years in SLES 12.

> Am I correct that you already have the next release of
> SLES (SLES 15) available. 

Yes SLES 15 was released about 6 weeks ago.

> I'm guessing it has a 3.6 or greater.

Yes, has Python 3.6.x

> Perhaps we could say 3.4 support will be held for as long as python 2? 

It would have to be longer. From my perspective there are no issues with
dropping Python 2 in 2020 if Python 3.4 is supported. Then I can switch
the cloud-init build to a Python 3 build for SLES 12 (Python 3.4 to be
exact) and let that carry me until we no longer want to support Python
3.4 upstream, preferably from my perspective in 2023. So, 3 years longer
than Python 2 support. But if we'd do 3.4 support until 2022 I can make
that work as well.

Thanks for considering this.

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