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Re: Translation project for Dari and Pashto languages


Hi Sam,
We need to do some setup on our side first. Those languages are for the
user interface of the translation server, not the actual translation

I have now enabled translation for Dari Persian (language code = prs) and
Pashto ( language code = ps) for the core translations.

There are many others which need to be translated, but I would suggest that
you start with the "dhis-service-core" folder, and then we can go from

Once you finish that, please get in touch with my via direct email, as I
will need to sync these with the source code.

Translation files can be downloaded for offline translation, using a tool
like "POEdit". You can get the translation template from
for instance.

If you have any other problems, let us know.

Also, thanks for pointing out the manual is out of date. We will try and
get it updated.


On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 10:07 AM, Sam Kasozi <kasozis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Jason,
> We would like to work on the translation for 2 languages: Dari and Pashto
> in the DHIS 2. The translation guide in the implementer's manual provides
> some instructions that are slightly different from the current translation
> server user interface. I have a couple of questions.
> - Do we have an updated guide?
> - Do you need to setup the project first before we can do anything (Under
> settings -> Translation, -> Alternative source language, I see Pashto-ps
> and not Dari)
> - Then also does it have a provision for downloading a translation
> template which can be populated and used to update the server afterward?
> regards,
> Sam Kasozi
> +256 788-993-565
> Skype: sam.kasoziug

Jason P. Pickering
email: jason.p.pickering@xxxxxxxxx

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