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Re: Translation project for Dari and Pashto languages


On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 4:31 AM, Jason Pickering
<jason.p.pickering@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Sam,
> We need to do some setup on our side first. Those languages are for the user
> interface of the translation server, not the actual translation language.
> I have now enabled translation for Dari Persian (language code = prs) and
> Pashto ( language code = ps) for the core translations.

Sam and Jason,

Chris Leonard here from SugarLabs.  We had active Dari and Pashto
projects from when OLPC deployed a lot of XO laptops to Afghanistan.



You will notice that we use the combination fa_AF (Persian in
Afghanistan) to represent Dari.  Why?  Because both glibc (Linux) and
CLDR (other) locales are fa_AF, not prs_AF

Personally I think this is wrong, I think "prs" should be used for
Dari, but that is not the most common encoding you will find out
there.  As much as I want to change common usage (and I am actually
working on developing a policy paper about avoiding the use of
macrolanguage isocodes when developing locales), I would not recommend
swimming against the tide right now.  I reluctantly suggest using
fa_AF, if the tide turns it is a super simple filename change to
change to a more accurate representation like prs in future.