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Re: [Granite] Widget changes



As we said on IRC a while ago, it would be much simplier if everyone used the same vcs for the same project ;) I am not opposed to git, but granite uses bzr, so it would be easier for the merge.

Regarding your change, I think there will be a lot of problem for the API compatibility... The GtkBuilder support is something we would love to have, but I think you understand that we can't merge something (in the actual state, of course) which will break so many things. e.g. I use some HintedEntry/ModeButton in Euclide, and most elementary apps uses the AppMenu, so, we definitively can't remove it ;)


On 07/30/2011 07:58 PM, Chris Molozian wrote:
Hey xapantu,

I've been meaning to submit my proposed changes to some of the Granite.Widgets, I was hoping to have the RatingBar and BreadcrumbBar widgets completed before I requested a review on my changes/enhancements. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of crunch time for my thesis work, the deadline's coming up soon so I've had to turn all my attention to that.

Nevertheless, I'd like to submit the widgets that I've completed <https://github.com/novabyte/appcenter/tree/master/src/ui/granite> to the Granite dev team for review. I've made a few changes to the naming of the widgets, as well as their API. I also removed some functionality like default menu items as you mentioned. IMHO there is a lot of subclassing and tight-coupling in the library, it's my belief that it should be as easy as possible to pick and choose components.

Here's a summation of my changes:

  * Granite.Entry, a combination of the HintedEntry and SearchBar with
    Gtk.Builder support.
  * Granite.MenuToggleButton, what was AppMenu and ToolButtonWithMenu
    with Gtk.Builder support. There are now no default menu items,
    instead I suggest they go into the Elementary HIG.
  * Granite.TimeoutEntry, this is a widget I'm using in my dev builds
    of AppCenter to refresh the app search display area after a
    timeout. I originally considered integrating the functionality
    into Granite.Entry and making it's features "more optional" (no
    callback firing from the start, I'm still unsure... open to

I've tried to document the code as much as possible but I didn't learn the Valadoc so they could probably use some work. Let me know what you think, all feedback welcome ;-) .



On 07/30/11 18:25, xapantu wrote:

So, currently, there are some hardcoded menuitem in it, which come from a global application variable, that only maya uses AFAIK. I want to use an AppMenu for a bazaar explorer, that I will embed in Euclide.

But I don't want to re-add an "About" and "Report a problem" items, since they are already in the main AppMenu. So, I would like to remove that from the AppMenu, or at least to add an option which disable them by default.

The code is here: lp:~xapantu/granite/appmenu


If everything is ok, I will merge it...