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Re: Dynamic Notebook


I don't like the idea of a dropdown on the right. I'd rather make the
tab list continue as it is beyond the window border and add a button
to scroll there instead, like in Firefox (try overflowing it with tabs
- it has a really sane behavior in this case).

I'd use minimum width larger than the one in the mockup - "O..." is
not really useful. See overflow handling above.

Oh, and I expected to see an "undo close tab" button on the right!

I agree with not expanding the current tab when other tabs are tiny
because I don't really have to identify it. I wonder how expanding the
tab in hover would look like - it would be handier than a tooltip
because I have to not move my cursor calm for a few seconds to see the

I guess upside-down tabs are techically feasible at the moment too,
but people will confuse them with ribbons.