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Re: Changing the name of Pantheon Terminal


Shnatsel, the app naming section is really speaking more to third-party
apps that want to have a unique brand. One thing we've been talking about
that needs to be addressed is when we have stock apps that we want to call
by a generic name.

For example, we might just want to refer to Dexter as "Contacts," Geary as
"Mail," etc. And not just the .desktop, but actually rename the apps
themselves so it'd be reflected in the title, about menu, etc.

It's something we're working on and will update the HIG with. However, I
really strongly think we should keep Terminal as simple and expected as
On Mar 26, 2012 8:10 AM, "Сергей" <shnatsel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 2012/3/26 Cassidy James <c@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > I think it's important that it be referred to as Terminal on the desktop
> > itself, and Pantheon Terminal simply describes that it was designed for
> our
> > DE. It's similar to how there's GNOME Terminal, GNOME Calculator, etc.
> when
> > they're just referred to as Terminal and Calculator on the desktop.
> >
> > Calling it something else loses that obviousness and just seems
> unnecessary
> > to be honest. Plus "Panther" doesn't tell me what it does at all.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Cassidy James
> Thank to FreeDesktop.org specs, it's up to the application launcher
> what to display in such cases (see
> http://elementaryos.org/docs/human-interface-guidelines/desktop-integration/app-launchers
> ).
> "Panther" is OK IMHO and it's compliant with
> http://elementaryos.org/docs/human-interface-guidelines/text/naming-your-app
> --
> shnatsel

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