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Re: X-GNOME-FullName


On 07/23/12 08:49, Christian Dywan wrote:
> Le 23.07.2012 17:30, Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff a écrit :
>> 2012/7/23 Cassidy James <c@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:c@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
>>     I'd say Slingshot should use Name in the normal view, FullName in
>>     search, and GenericName in tooltips. Window titles should show Name.
>> I'm quick to disagree :P
>> IMHO it's essential to show what the app actually does in the
>> launcher, while the codename is unimportant to an average Joe. Here's why.
>> For mere mortals applications are tools. Only FOSS geeks know Totem is
>> Totem, while to most it's a movie player. Likewise, nobody knows that
>> Stiletto Titaniumis a hammer, except carpenters.In fact, using a
>> stiletto to drive a nail sounds... confusing, at least.
> That is an amazing analogy.
> I second the concern.

(I know I'm not responding to the latest message in the conversation,
but that's because that started focusing on translations.)

I see one major issue here. Using the Generic Name creates issues when
you've got more then one video player installed. For example, I've got
VLC, Totem, Audience, XBMC, and I guess some old Xfce related players.
This would give me 4 or more Video Players to choose from. Similar for
Text editors (gedit, scratch, gvim) and so on.

On a fresh elementary install there might just be a single of each of
them, but with a system in use, trying out alternatives you easy get
multiple of each.

Furthermore, many apps can do much more then their generic name
suggests. For example VLC works fine to play a list of audio files,
while I guess its listed as Video Player.

People are used that applications have names... what does Adobe Acrobat
tell you about the product? Or Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Chrome, Microsoft
Access... people know because they use them, or they find out by trying
out the application.

Just wanted to provide some non-translation oriented feedback.

Kind regards,

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