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Re: Noise doesn't comply to HIG


> Is there no way to both a. Have the window closed and b. show it's icon in
> the dock while c. Not having the app pinned?
> It seems like a hack to open the window and then immediately minimize it.
> But I agree that having the icon available (when it makes sense) is a good
> thing.
> Even if this this is not currently programically possible, don't we have
> the means to make it so? Either through libplank or libunity or a
> combination of the two?

libunity's LauncherAPI doesn't provide a way to tell "show this launcher"
or "hide this launcher", but we can make Plank show apps with a visible
badge or progressbar regardless of their window visibility. I've filed that
as a wishlist bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/pantheon-dock/+bug/1155790

Without making any libunity notifications, we're fine as long as we don't
need to show a dock icon *without* opening an app window, showing a badge
or progressbar on it, or pinning it.

There's another bug that's a blocker for this use case,
https://bugs.launchpad.net/pantheon-dock/+bug/1155789 but it doesn't look
too tough.

> Let's not try to derail discussion about what is a "real" service or what
> the HIG may or may not recommend about architecture. Lets try to keep to
> what exactly the problem we're having is and how we can solve that problem
> most cleanly.

The problems brought up so far are:

1) How do we handle hiding Noise
    * Minimize +
    * Close to Slingshot/Indicator
    * Voodoo?
2) How do we handle running monitor-and-notify daemons, such as
update-manager, email client, microblogging client, etc.
    * https://lists.launchpad.net/elementary-dev-community/msg02076.html
    * Any other suggestions?
3) What the hell does the speculation on front-end and back-end separation
do in HIG
    * Find out what the original author intended, check facts and if
they're true, add rationale to the article
    * Kill it with fire ASAP and investigate later

If trying to figure out and fix a controversial part of the HIG article
counts as derailing the discussion, I can start a new tread about it, no
problem. Shall I?

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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