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Re: Vala/Go


Just see /usr/include/granite/granite.h if you want to use granite with C. Just do the translations from vala code to C code, i.e. for new Granite.Widgets.ModeButton, it is granite_widgets_mode_button_new.

However, as Jaap said it, I am not sure this is the place to discuss about go and Vala, especially when Luna is not released yet and that we will NOT change any language in our apps before Luna.


On 08/04/2013 18:02, Craig wrote:

Many languages support binding to C (probably more common than GObject introspection), so if it works with C, other high level OOP languages can bind to it without needing support for GObject introspection. :-)

On Apr 8, 2013 10:58 AM, "Nishant Agrwal" <nishantagrwal12993@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:nishantagrwal12993@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Granite is written in Vala, so I guess any gObject Introspection
    capable language should be very easy to use, especially those with
    dynamic binding, like Python. As far as C goes, Vala compiles to C
    anyway so that should be pretty easy as well, although I don't
    think most people would like to use C instead of a high level OOP

    On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 9:24 PM, Craig <weberc2@xxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:weberc2@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
    That brings me to a question I've had for a while--I'm not sure
    what goes into creating a C binding for any language, but is it
    possible to create a C binding to granite? If so, your proposal
    would be limited only by the availability of granite bindings. On
    the other hand, though I think Elementary development has a
    substantial barrier of entry, I don't know Elementary's goals of
    simplicity and consistency would be especially well-served by
    fragmenting the tools used. On the *other* other hand, it could
    also bring a lot of developer attention to the project, albeit
    Elementary's relatively small community, I think it would be
    difficult to find enough people to create and maintain bindings
    for all of those languages. Thoughts?

    On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 10:38 AM, Jakob Eriksson
    <jakob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jakob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        I think there should be a tutorial for writing an Elementary
        HID compliant app in all popular languages,  Java, Python,
        C++, Go, Objective C and Ruby at least.

        Craig <weberc2@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:weberc2@xxxxxxxxx>> skrev:

        >@Chris, Syntactically, I think Vala is a great language. I'm
        dying to use
        >it, in fact! However, until I can get over the nasty
        >hump, I'm afraid I'm out of the loop. And don't think
        project management
        >features are useful only to building and distribution. How
        can an IDE know
        >which symbols are available outside of the current file (for
        purposes such
        >as code verification, autocompletion, etc) without knowing
        something about
        >what files are available to the project? Decent project
        management features
        >are an important aspect of a language (for all kinds of
        purposes), and when
        >they are missing, non-standard, or overly complex; it makes
        the language
        >@Sergey, I'm not confusing the two. As I mentioned in my
        response to Chris,
        >the two issues are linked--it's impractical to develop an
        >without a simple, automatic project metadata management tool
        and Vala
        >doesn't seem to have one (I can't find _any_ information
        about bake online).
        >To address your last paragraph, I don't know what the crux
        of the issue is
        >(nor what the best solution is), but useful programs haven't
        been single
        >files for decades; it's archaic to treat the project
        management concerns of
        >development as an afterthought when developing languages.
        Like you said,
        >why expose the developer to that unnecessary complexity? I
        have yet to find
        >a better paradigm than Go's for mitigating that concern.
        >On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 9:07 AM, Ryan Macnish
        <nisshh.ubuntu@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:nisshh.ubuntu@xxxxxxxxx>>wrote:
        >> Go is brilliant, it has the best parts of c and the best
        parts of modern
        >> languages built in.
        >> On Apr 8, 2013 9:22 PM, "Craig" <weberc2@xxxxxxxxx
        <mailto:weberc2@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
        >>> Happy Monday everyone,
        >>> I wrote a brief comparison of Vala and Go (golang) that
        might be of
        >>> interest to some of you. Feel free to add your thoughts
        in the comments.
        >>> http://craigmatthewweber.com/2013/04/06/vala-or-go/
        >>> Enjoy,
        >>> Craig
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