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Re: [Elementary-translators] We need to improve control over the translation teams.


Hey guys,

Recently I've been making all the changes on
https://launchpad.net/~elementary-l10n-council to make it alive as it was
planned. The plan was to make the current administrators of the teams
memebers of the Council.

But I'm affraid that *it is not a good idea at all*. To test it, I made the
Coucil member and Administrator of my l10n teams (British English and
Catalan), and *there's a huge problem: *any member of the Council becomes a
undirect member of the team, that means they have access to the translation
of other teams. For instance, everyone on the Council should be able now to
translate both English (UK) and Catalan strings, giving undesired results
in a moderated-membership team.

*This issue has made me rethink how the Coucil should be formed*. Sadly,
the Council should be formed by a very few people. I think the best we can
do is following the former plan: David Gomes and Eduard Gotwig should be
the coordinators and members of the team. So, basically, as David
commented, most of members have David or Eduard as admins. The use of the
council would simply make the process more transparent and would allow
people understand why Eduard or David (or even elementary-core, as I've
seen) are Administrators of such teams.

*In short, we should keep the same organisation of the teams (David and
Eduard as extra Admins), but keeping a more transparent and effective

I'm sorry this didn't go as planned :(

Regards, Alfredo Hernández.

On 23 February 2013 17:46, David Gomes <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When Gotwig and I created the team, everything went fine, no problems at
> all. People came to us and we just told them how to create a team and what
> not. A month later and there were lots of teams already. The only kind of
> "maintenace" Gotwig and I had to do were resolve some minor issues that the
> team leaders asked us about such as doubts about Rosetta or the elementary
> project itself.
> Later on, one or two teams started becoming very inactive, which isn't a
> problem of course, we can't expect people to work night and day on a
> non-profit project. The real problem is, though, that the administrators of
> the teams became inactive and nobody else could contribute. From that
> moment on, what Gotwig and I decided to do was to put one of us as members
> (administrators, actually) of teams and ensure there were more than two
> administrators per team. However, we didn't really take action on many
> teams, just a couple of ones, and since then I haven't heard of any
> problems whatsoever. Note, though, that I, too, was inactive for the past
> week or so.
> David "Munchor" Gomes
> On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 4:38 PM, Alfredo Hernández <
> aldomann.designs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Ok guys. After a month or so, these are the results.
>> *Do you agree with the creation of the 'elementary Translators Council'?*
>>    - Yes, definitely: 9 (82%).
>>    - No, we should use Launchpad/Ubuntu teams for the localisation: 2
>>    (18%).
>>    - No, the teams work fine as they currently are: 0 (0%).
>> I don't know what to say. Whilst the results indicate that we should go
>> on with the creation of the Council, only a few persons (11 to be more
>> exact) had voted.
>> What do you think guys?
>> Regards, Alfredo.
>> On 6 January 2013 19:01, Alfredo Hernández <aldomann.designs@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Some people has stated that some translation teams have internal
>>> problems and some teams' Administrators become inactive and therefore the
>>> team becomes too (no new members and stuff).
>>> Every problem we've had seem to converge to the very same cause: *a
>>> lack of transparency of our community of translators*: when a
>>> translation team is formed, no one but the administrator and the members
>>> know what actually happens within the team.
>>> The solution seems very clear to me:* we must create a council of
>>> translators* in the form of a Launchpad.net team so that it be
>>> Administrator of each *l10n team **too *(this is a very important
>>> remark, the Council should never act unless there is a serious problem; the
>>> teams would work as normally as always).
>>> What do you think about it?
>>> PS. I have already created the team:
>>> https://launchpad.net/~elementary-l10n-council , however it will be
>>> deleted if the we agree not to carry on this proposal.
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