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Re: Other languages? (Was Re: Congratulations Luna developers!)


Then there is an education / PR problem on the elementary.org page.

It should be made clear how to make a HIG compliant app in any (where
any=C++, hehe) language.

On 2013-08-21 23:32, Albert Palacios Jimenez wrote:
> I think there are some misunderstandings:
> - The HIG is a must for core elementary OS applications but a recommendation for third party ones.
> - If you develop your application using a Model/View/Controller schema, it will be easy to make it look like an elementary OS just changing the View and leaving the original sources for Models and Controllers.
> This is why a lot of applications work across different systems, they get the "view/look" from the core libraries and work with a non "core" language.
> This is an appropriate way of developing applications, it works well not only for Linux but also for OSX, Windows, iOS, Android, ...

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