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Re: Wingpanel and Indicators, future?


I agree that the dbus UI idea is a pretty flexible one. I also would like to parrot that being able to easily embed indicators in an application is important. I do not know if this is easier with the dbus solution, though, because you can always just embed Gtk in an application (including clutter apps, like (?) Audience).

In response to Dan's idea about allowing indicators to position themselves: that could cause a bit of a mess. If we set up categories (like is done for Desktop Entries) then wingpanel can position them itself, and it can change the position based on Pantheon's preference, not the indicator dev's preference.

Best of luck,

Cameron Norman

El Mon, 9 de Dec 2013 a las 2:32 AM,Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff <sergey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:
Having indicators post the UI over D-bus and let anything draw them is actually a pretty good idea, though I dislike the current "dbusmenu + libido" implementation - it's really hacky. It will allow embedding indicators in application titlebars in maximized or fullscreen state - I recall Cassidy mentioning such an idea, is it still pursued?

I doubt indicators will force Upstart dependency on us. Upstart is not a huge interdependent mess like systemd, it's just a way to start things up on demand. We have Cerbere to substitute it on non-ubuntu platforms.

Also, some indicator backends are really complex, and I'd rather not reinvent the wheel yet again... and the same goes for plugs, by the way.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff