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Re: Google Summer of Code Ideas


The first one that comes to mind is presentation software (like Ease, but obviously more mature).

Another idea that has been floating around in my mind is an elementary HIG'd audio session manager (check out Gladish, Claudia, Non Session Manager for an example of what this is) that would stress the ideas of automatically saved state and easy undo.


El Tue, 11 de Feb 2014 a las 1:43 PM, David Gomes <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:
Hi everyone,

It turns out that one of the reasons we weren't accepted for GSOC last year was the lack of quality ideas. It seems then that projects for GSOC should be 3 months of work. Maybe for one of us (the regular developers) they'd be 1 month of work, but they should be 3 months of work for a newcomer to elementary.

Having said that, I need you guys to tell me all of your ideas! Which ideas? Anything that's doable in 3 months (and especially NEW APPS, not plugins, not new features on existing apps).

tl;dr;requesting all ideas for new apps missing in the elementary environment that GSOC students could write with our help as mentors.