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Re: Vanillux


Hi Rodrigo,

Because we believe a Rolling Release is the way to go for simplicity a
desktop use should NEVER have to reinstall. We believe releases either push
the developers too hard and brings bugs (Ubuntu)  OR freeze for too long and
end up stagnating (Debian)(This is just a point of view, its a question of
taste and choice, i guess theres a need for everything). We want to be the
middle ground, bug / time / package feature release.

Debian is beautiful where it can offer the most sable
do-it-all easily distro. From the HPC to the netbook, but the fact that they
wont integrate some key closed source parts hinders it towards its
competitors. We dont mind SOME closed source software, so we will have the
few missing features to make the desktop environment more attractive to both
the open minded Linux users (i believe block ALL closed source software is
as bad as saying open-source is evil and will destroy the world) we will
just inform the user and offer an easy way to opt-out and remove it.

We are unique and needed, we are the middle ground. And at the end of the
day if we can get a few windows users to switch over isnt that good for
everyone ?


On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 6:04 AM, Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo.moya@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> On Sun, 2011-05-15 at 02:09 -0400, fabrice quenneville wrote:
> > Hi Rodrigo,
> >
> >
> > As i said earlier i cant agree with some of Mark Shuttleworth's
> > decisions. I also dont really like the pushed release schedule and am
> > more a fan of the ARCH (but we like apt!) way of doing things, a
> > rolling release where we give new features to our users when they are
> > ready without pushing the programmers and breaking the users system
> > with instability. I also dont like the whole Banshee thing. We intend
> > to make the installer slightly different too offering the user
> > more options.
> >
> ok, then why not help the Debian project instead of starting your own
> distribution?
> As I said before, do whatever is best, but IMO one thing that we have
> too many in free software is distributions. So, if you don't like the
> Canonical way of doing things, you can join the Debian project, which
> does exactly what you described
> cheers

*Fabrice Quenneville*


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