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Re: Making sure a certain tag is applied to every task


Alternatively, you may want to try prioritizing your tasks using fuzzy
dates (due someday -> @1, soon -> @2, now -> @3) and let the urgency
color plugin do the coloring. Actually, that would require a minor
addition to the plugin.

I use priority tags in a different way. For example, not all my high-priority tasks should be done now, and not all my low-priority tasks should be done someday. A lot of high-priority tasks have a start date in the future, and a lot of low-priority tasks can be worked on immediately.

Also, I don't have the "urgency color plugin" anywhere in the plugin list of my version of GTG. How can I add it?

Anyway, for recurrent tasks check out Bug #344432.

Yeah, maybe I should simply wait for recurrent tasks to be implemented in GTG.

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