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Re: libindicate-qt and menu


On 12/01/2011 19:45, Vsevolod Velichko wrote:

Nevertheless, MPD is distribution- and DE-independent daemon, you
know. So mpd-sound-menu is independent application and all the
parameters it need have to be stored somewhere and have to be set by
some means.

At the moment the only way to set configuration is to edit m-s-m
config-file or pass command-line parameters on start. That way can't
be considered user-friendly :) The other awful fact is that you can't
just click "Exit", "Quit" or some other button to just stop m-s-m, you
have to send some SIGINT/SIGTERM/SIGKILL signal. I suppose it's
unacceptable for the common user.

I have no idea how to solve that usability problem now.

I see your point. The only suggestion I would have is for m-s-m to provide a main window. Even if it is very simple and only used for configuration.

It should be more discoverable than having everything in the sound menu anyway, because when the user start m-s-m for the first time he will most probably expect to be greeted by a window so that he can define the necessary settings.

I am thinking about pointing to the mpd instance on the network, starting an instance maybe? also whether m-s-m should be started at login (I assume this is the kind of application which users would want to start at login). You just have to make sure your application keeps running when the user closes the window.


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