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Re: Subversion Repository



> I second that. If this does become the primary repository is there any
> chance that the rest of the source material can be included? The
> modules, library, docs, etc.

I think better to make branches (and packages, RPMs, ebuilds, ... ) for:
Components libraries.
Components datasheets (bad idea to attach this with GPL program).
Help sources (Help for end user must be in HTML, PDF or CHM format).
Maybe something else (add what are you think.)

All this stuff eat bandwidth, traffic, time and money when users
download single big package.
For end users better to download only what required for work with program.

I hate CHM format of help, because when I read it, I can't increase
fonts or print only what I want.
The best format for documentation is HTML or PDF (IMHO). HTML is
preffered because it can be easy maintained by developers online in
Wiki and make PDF from HTML is not so hard.

> It's a bit of pain that there isn't a single upstream source for the
> complete distribution. To create the Debian packages I have to
> download both the source package and a binary package and assemble the
> parts to manufacture my own complete upstream source bundle. Also, of
> course, things like the models should really be version controlled
> too. And I'd get proper line endings instead of windows style in
> everything in the official packages.
> Richard.

Richard, if you want, I can add you to developers at
kicad.sourceforge.net and you can make what is required for better
packaging of KiCad.

Igor Plyatov

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