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Re: Two serious bugs in eeschema & pcbnew


<jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:
> (About ICs renaming) No bug.
> I think yours ICs have a problem:
> These IC probably have the flag "Power Symbol" set, and this flag is
> used by eeschema.
You're right. Sorry for not having noticed that. I've switched back my
previous back switching, so in total I forwarded back to the current

> If your working layer is COPPER and if the component is on the
> layer, pcbnew does not find the text but it does if your working layer 
> This is because when you have (with hight density boards) many SMD 
> components both on COMPONENT and COPPER layer, and if the texts
> the selection of the right text is more easy.
> This modification was not a very good idea, and I'll change it in next 
> release.
True, sorry again. It is difficult to find a good way for selecting
items. Perhaps the best way is to have some button to exclude from
selection levels, and this is already (implicitly) so. Next, choose
the one element found having the smallest bounding box. This scheme
only poses problems when two (or more) elements have exactly the same
bounding box, and this could be solved by having buttons to exclude
from selecting some kind of elements. Still remains the case when you
put two identical items one over another... but this is sick. Other
programs let you use the TAB key to select all the elements one after
each other, but this is inapplicable here. The last resort could be to
have a separate window listing all the clickable elements, showing at
request; but this seems too cumbersome. Given a reasonably mechanism,
one can always drag temporarily away an offending item, do its work,
and put the item back in place.

> > It seems that you can close the main window without being
> > asked for save, even after a massive work (I lost a few hours of work
> > this way).
> >
> Pcbnew save your work every ten minutes.
> You can reload easily the last saved board....
> In fact, just after this automatic saving, pcbnew forgets to ask you to 
> save your work.
> This will be solved in next release.
This time I was right. Yes, I recovered my work, but in the meantime I
had to redo it... ah ah ah! Anyway this is good exercise (I'm still a
novice in pcb design).

In conclusion, thanks for the quick reply and all the work you do. By
the way, I find amazing the track dragging in pcbnew, it was really
missing. Long life to KiCAD!

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