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Re: Python support -- SWIG and what about lua?


I agree. I've used SWIG in a large C++ program with embedded python, and it was mostly not worth the effort; we had to keep around some perl scripts to make the generated SWIG code & headers mesh with the rest of the compile. not at all clean. That said, I don't know anything about boost.python (other than that boost itself is quite huge - is this true for boost.python?)

well, it's not that big (you don't have to embeed the whole boost to get boost.python only)
I have tried Lua and it is great (for an embedded scripting language) compared to python! small, lightweight, simple, designed to be embedded, and no excess junk functionality. I also tried Java (like Dick H), and it was a bit of a pain - but that was 4 years ago so I'm no expert. Lua has wx bindings too.

Lua is good, but it lacks the object model, and that's much simpler to build. Anyway, i don't have time to bind something else, we'll see in a second time.