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Re: Visitor Design Pattern


> Dick,
> you are doing a very good job.
> Because kicad was started 15 years ago, sometimes the code must be 
> cleaned and enhanced, and this is what you do.
> Thanks.
> -- 
> Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

Thank you Jean-Pierre for answering the question and thanks for your
vote of confidence.  

For this project to be successful, decisions have to be made. We can
ask questions, but if we don't get answers from you then the decisions
will have to be made by somebody else. Please do not interpret this
as us trying to take over. That is not it. We just have to make
decisions and answer questions to advance the project, and if you are
too busy or care not to micro-manage the project that is fine. But as
I say, in the end, decisions have to be made.

I don't mind having a loud voice here. But that should only be
necessary in your silence.

Unlike many who come here knowing more about hardware than I will ever
know, I know more about software than most folks will ever know.

For now, I find myself in a position to contribute because it makes my
job of laying out a board I am doing easier. After the board is done,
perhaps it will be more difficult for me to find the time to
contribute, but I will do what I can.

I am consistently amazed that the project is working as well as it is,
given the relatively little communication that goes on. I do think it
would work better if communications were better, but I have to
remember that it is all on a volunteer basis and folks are busy with
other things.

Best Regards,