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Re: Mac & "invalid context"


Just to clarify this (as I read through some more sources):
Both DCs refer to the same top-level window, but to different containers (panels) within this window. Device Contexts on Mac are associated with the top-level window. Thus, the DC's are the same.

I don't know how this is implemented on other platforms, i.e. what is the definition of "window" wrt. wxDC contexts.

Are we allowed to use a wxClientDC initialized for one panel to draw into another panel of these belong to the same window, alternatively, could we initialize a wxClientDC for the top-level container and use this to draw into all panels?

~/= Marius


Have you taken my advice and contacted the wxWidgets group? It looks like wxWidgets for Mac has some holes that need to be plugged. I am not feeling comfortable with the idea of getting a flood of 50 to 100 #ifdef wxMAC s coming into the code.

Talk to them please. And remember, pigs don't fly. Please recognize a pig when you see one.


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