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Re: DRC Dialog Rework, Final Thoughts


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Dick H." <dick@...> wrote:
> To put a possible variation on that thought, there are actually two
> pads associated with each "unconnected" marker type. These are like
> the two end points of a ratsnest line.

> I could draw *two* diamonds per "unconnected" marker type, placing one
> on each of the two pads involved in the same net.
> The other thought would be to make it look like a rats line, but I
> think that gets messy because we cannot then "select" the marker on
> the board the way we can now with distance problem markers. I'm not
> going to do this.
> So two diamonds per "unconnected-type" marker ?
> These would be located on the pads I guess. When you delete one of
> these markers, both diamonds would go away.
> Last thought would be to find a way to make the pads highlighted in a
> persistent way, but this is also a tricky thing to code without
> impacting normal drawing speed, but not as bad as the ratsline.

I'm done. I decided not to display the unconnected pads on the board,
as this was easiest. At the same time I also added right click popup
menus on top of the two lists, which enables the user to goto either
of the two items in the DRC_ITEM.

For the MARKER list:
1) double click takes you to the marker
2) right clicking gives you a popup and lets you choose which of the
two items to goto, A or B.

For the UNCONNECTED list:
1) double click takes you to item A, since there is no marker.
2) right clicking gives you a popup and lets you choose which of the
two pads to go to, A or B.

Please report bugs to this list, and I will look at them when I get a
chance. There could be some windows specific issues, as I work and
run on Linux only.

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation