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Re: Creating an interface to FreeRouting


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Philip Pemberton <ygroups@...> wrote:

> [moved to the KiCAD Development list]
> Dick H. wrote:
> > Please forward to one of these Kicad lists, any documentation links 
> > to this "Spectra DSN format" for future reference. So that even after
> > this is implemented, somebody can support any code written for it.
> Behold, the full Cadence SPECCTRA Design Language Reference:
> http://www.autotraxeda.com/docs/SPECCTRA/SPECCTRA.pdf
> The documentation itself makes the format look like a bit of a
swine, but the 
> example files look fairly simple. I haven't seen what KiCAD's files
look like, 
> though...
> Best guess, this is going to involve:
> - Converting the component layout and netlist data
> - Reading and converting the PCB footprint data
> - Converting the padstack data
> So probably not a small job by any stretch of the imagination...

No, not a small job, but I just became crazy enough to give it a go. 
I see this file format as important, and unifying within the industry.
It also forces us to think in ways similar to other EDA packages in
terms of rules, polygons, etc.


So I am now on it.

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation