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Re: AUI support


Hello Lorenzo!

> Hello. I'm trying to add wxAUI and Art support to Kicad (eeschema &
> pcbnew). This will be time-consuming, but I hope snapping toolbars
> (and, next, internal frames) could make interface mutch more simple.
> I'm actually working on complete menus, this means that (as every MS
> application),
At last week I make some improvements in menu, but without wxAUI.
For experimental purpose, you can make a branch in KiCad tree.
> every toolbar command should be found also on menus. This is because a
> lot of functions cannot be understood by new users simply watching
> icons, and changes could give a standard interface.
Yes, my thinking is the same.
Menus can give the sequences of required actions to the user and better
allow to understand the mechanics of application.

But, when user takes more expirience, he can use only hot keys, toolbars
or commands from command line (but unfortunately, KiCad doesn't have
last feature).
I think, toolbars and menus must be both in application, and user can
make a decision what to use, by himself.

> I'm very interested in development of Kicad, witch is actually THE
> best GPL schematic and PCB drawing. However, threre are a few things
> that needs to be changed before massive use. One of the most
> importants is the wire-snap-to-pin facility. Is there anyone who is
> working on that?
> Thanks.

Some of unexistent features doesn't allow me to sleep well :-)

* Possibility to select the objects (and not one) with some kind of
highlighting for group operations.
* Inspector - the floating panel, which allow to change a similar
parameters in a selected objects from page.
For example:
Select some resistors at schematic and change in Inspector
its resistance, power,... at once.
Select a resistor and capacitor at PCB and change in
Inspector its orientation and X coordinate at once.
* Undo/Redo in PCB editor.
I can't understand, how to route a PCB, without trials and probing
(without the possibility to make undo/redo).

Lorenzo, if you can use Jabber or ICQ, please contact with me.
Igor Plyatov