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Re: AUI support


I think a good way to start would be to take the approximate positions
of the components on the source schematic and use it as seed positions
for an annealing algorithm which moves components stochastically and
measures entropy/complexity via the length of ratsnest lines and the
number of intersections. Actually, anyone know if software like this
is already out there? Maybe that will be my next pet project...

My pets only fetch sticks, so congrats! What are you feeding them? With a vocabulary of only ~ 60 words, C++ was, well.....

Failing anything better, you could implement a teletype style "sweep across the page with carriage return at the end of the current row" algorithm, and keep track of the tallest component in the last row when you rewind to the next row.

But then, maybe you and your pet(s) are up to something beyond this.

Anything that reduces entropy is always good, the universe has plenty already, and that's just counting the portion in my head.