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Re: zone fill with micro-vias


How are the zones filled at this point? If they are filled with other
tracks, then we could just do a region-growing algorithm on all the
tracks in that filled region, much the same way the netlist is created
from segments by propagating net codes. For each net, select one pad
and propagate to all others that are connected by line & endpoint
radius considerations -> those not affected are not connected. I do
not think it is possible to determine whether a via is connected to a
zone without an actual fill 'plan' or 'instantiation'.

Further research is desired before a solution is chosen. I for one am not in favor of tying the solution to the fill tracks a.k.a "class SEGZONE" instances, if we can find an alternative.

We should start out with an objective of finding a solution based on the zone container and invasive tracks from other nets, and the clearance in play from those invasive nets, and any internal keepouts.

Many folks are doing this now, including freerouting.net. Even the Specctra DSN file spec has no notion of "fill tracks", so that means CADENCE specctra, electra, etc., have all managed to do it without the ho-key fill tracks.


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