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Re: Re: eeschema: Block commands broken


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

I made the change. I apologize for the error. I forgot to check the popup commands before submitting to code. In my zeal to simplify the eeschema "main loop", I missed the default handler in the first case statement. I will make sure to be more careful in the future.

I still feel this function needs to be simplified. It is over 700 lines of code long. It is also redundant. The wxWidgets command loop does this already. I can understand grouping related commands together in an event handler. Recombining them back into a single function call and picking apart again doesn't make a lot of sense to me but maybe I'm missing the big picture. If you wanted to add a new command (say a block annotate command), you have to decipher this function to make sure you don't break anything. Obviously I deciphered it incorrectly.



I did not write this code, so I have no insight into why it is structured the way it is. Unless someone comes forward soon with a good reason to leave it alone, *other than* "if it's not broken then don't fix it", then maybe it should be subject to your improvements. Jean-Pierre probably wrote it, but he has said clearly that he wants things cleaned up and improved.

I don't have any strong opinions on it.


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