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Re: Re: to: Dick Hollenbeck [Specctra dsn export] +


klui_ wrote:
Keepouts would be a decent feature for Kicad. However, it looks like now I will be doing all my routing in freerouter. Therefore on the re-import of the session file, I have no need to preserve these

because at that point the board is basically done, the tracks are

Please explain a method of autorouting board with 2 or 3 totally
independent (opto isolated) regions in freerouter.org. Inside
Specctra+OrCAD I can use keepouts, inside Kicad I can use an 'edges
pcb' line to emulate this behavior. Inside freerouter.net I think I
can use dummy net (drawn on all signal layer) which will separate
regions between each other (prevent segments over existing
not-connected tracks).

There is a support forum at freerouting.net. Generally I found the manual routing capability of freerouter to be far more useful than the autorouter for complex boards. And when I used autorouting, I used it on a single selected PAD, or a single selected part, and only after using the "layer cost" settings to control which layer it might chose. Often, "undo" was needed to take back out the auto routed tracks. So the answer is to manually route it using freerouter. The manual router is outstanding.
But again, I refer you to the support forum for freerouting.net.


Also I've got a problem trying to draw a free track on copper layer
and connect it to existing net.

P.S. Tomorrow I will compile last svn snapshot with your corrections
("enable/disable" padshapes in separate layers). Thanks for a good job!

Regards, Vladimir.