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Re: DialogBlocks discussion once again.


RAD tools are great for learning how sizers work. You can quickly make
changes to your code and see the effect on the final output. I don't
use them for any production code that I write because their limitations
far outweigh any benefits that I get from them. I had to make the leap
to sizer based window layouts when I moved from MSVC to wxWidgets. It
took me a while, but I am much better off for putting in the effort to
learn (and I'm still learning) how to use them effectively. Now sizer
based window layout feels much more natural to me than fixed layouts.
Developers new to sizer based layouts can get up to speed fairly quickly
by using wxPython. That is path I took since I already was experienced
with Python.


Your opinion has been made clear. I respect your opinions in general, *all* of them. But it is impossible to always agree on everything.

Hopefully you can find a way to contribute to the code base in such a way that those that might come after you can fire up wxFormBuilder and enhance, maintain, improve, or change work that you might have contributed.

I for one would want to be able to do this, Jean-Pierre would want to be able to do this, and Michal would want to be able to do this.

A person can learn something today and if he doesn't use it for 6 months, it can become another learning experience 6 months down the road. wxFormBuilder seems to be our answer to that problem for new dialog code written from here forward.

Further energy trying to persuade folks to hand code dialog windows will be non-productive. Maybe some of that energy could better be spent elsewhere, like enhancing wxFormBuilder or offering suggestions to that open source group about the things you do not like about it.


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