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Re: DialogBlocks discussion once again.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> RAD tools are great for learning how sizers work. You can quickly make
>> changes to your code and see the effect on the final output. I don't
>> use them for any production code that I write because their limitations
>> far outweigh any benefits that I get from them. I had to make the leap
>> to sizer based window layouts when I moved from MSVC to wxWidgets. It
>> took me a while, but I am much better off for putting in the effort to
>> learn (and I'm still learning) how to use them effectively. Now sizer
>> based window layout feels much more natural to me than fixed layouts.
>> Developers new to sizer based layouts can get up to speed fairly quickly
>> by using wxPython. That is path I took since I already was experienced
>> with Python.
>> Wayne
> Wayne,
> Your opinion has been made clear. I respect your opinions in general, 
> *all* of them. But it is impossible to always agree on everything.
> Hopefully you can find a way to contribute to the code base in such a 
> way that those that might come after you can fire up wxFormBuilder and 
> enhance, maintain, improve, or change work that you might have contributed.
> I for one would want to be able to do this, Jean-Pierre would want to 
> be able to do this, and Michal would want to be able to do this.
> A person can learn something today and if he doesn't use it for 6 
> months, it can become another learning experience 6 months down the 
> road. wxFormBuilder seems to be our answer to that problem for new 
> dialog code written from here forward.
> Further energy trying to persuade folks to hand code dialog windows will 
> be non-productive. Maybe some of that energy could better be spent 
> elsewhere, like enhancing wxFormBuilder or offering suggestions to that 
> open source group about the things you do not like about it.
I wasn't really trying to persuade people to hand code. I just wanted
to point out that there are issues that they will run into when using
these tools. Has the project reached a consensus on using wxFormBuilder
over wxDialogBlocks? Only a hand full of people have commented. I want
to make sure this is way forward before putting effort into learning to
use another tool.

> Dick
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