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Re: DialogBlocks discussion once again.


2008/9/4 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...>:
> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> Further energy trying to persuade folks to hand code dialog windows will
>> be non-productive. Maybe some of that energy could better be spent
>> elsewhere, like enhancing wxFormBuilder or offering suggestions to that
>> open source group about the things you do not like about it.

I like this comment very much :-)

> I wasn't really trying to persuade people to hand code. I just wanted
> to point out that there are issues that they will run into when using
> these tools. Has the project reached a consensus on using wxFormBuilder
> over wxDialogBlocks? Only a hand full of people have commented. I want
> to make sure this is way forward before putting effort into learning to
> use another tool.

Please do not feel offended, but you spent time on discussion about
simple tool, easy to understand (with all limitations) for every one
with basic knowledge about wxWidgets instead of trying it. I think
time spent by someone advanced in wxW on improving open tool like
wxFormBuilder will help all future generations of programmers using
it. :-)