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Re: Devel list at SF


Alain M. wrote:
==>>This should allow us to install Trac

NO. Trac is a nightmare of dependecies to install manualy (I have done it in the past. Probably a VPS would be needed, with a distro that has a port of trac (update is easy).

Well, I've got a dedicated server in one of the PacificRack LA data centres, set up for my use -- which includes Trac, Mantis, Subversion, CVS (spit), Mercurial, and if you want Git (or just about anything else) I could probably get that up and running within a day or two.

Specs are:
Supermicro server chassis, with hotswap SATA HDD bay
Intel Xeon 2.4GHz quad-core,
~100GB free HDD space,
2TB/month transfer (of which <160GB is actually used)
cPanel 10, PHP5.2.6, Apache 2.2.9
MySQL 5.0.67, PostgreSQL 8.1.11

I've got a few HOWTOs for installing Trac, setting up Mercurial and HgTrac, and making them work on there (they're installed in my home directory, not system-wide, it's a bit of a faff but it's doable and when installed works pretty well).

Mailing-list wise, Mailman and Pipermail are installed. These are the two apps that run the gEDA list.

I've had Mediawiki installed (and working) previously, but not recently.

I'd be more than happy to provide webspace on this machine if the project leads want it, and/or set up a quick "testbench" if there's any interest.


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