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Re: Devel list at SF


Just a personal feeling: I think we should try and stay with a big project 
hosting site for the main part, because there are several problems I see 
hosting on a personal/private server: What happens, if the owner of the 
server cannot host us anymore? What happens if he/she has no time to maintain 
the server for a while? What happens if the hoster and the developers get 
into an argument?

I don't mean this personal, but these things have happened to other projects 

So, just to throw in another candidate for project management: Has anyone had 
a look at Google Code / Groups?

- Jonas

2008-12-15, 13:42:53 - Philip Pemberton:
> Alain M. wrote:
> > ==>>This should allow us to install Trac
> >
> > NO. Trac is a nightmare of dependecies to install manualy (I have done
> > it in the past. Probably a VPS would be needed, with a distro that has a
> > port of trac (update is easy).
> Well, I've got a dedicated server in one of the PacificRack LA data
> centres, set up for my use -- which includes Trac, Mantis, Subversion, CVS
> (spit), Mercurial, and if you want Git (or just about anything else) I
> could probably get that up and running within a day or two.
> Specs are:
> Supermicro server chassis, with hotswap SATA HDD bay
> Intel Xeon 2.4GHz quad-core,
> 2GB RAM,
> ~100GB free HDD space,
> 2TB/month transfer (of which <160GB is actually used)
> cPanel 10, PHP5.2.6, Apache 2.2.9
> MySQL 5.0.67, PostgreSQL 8.1.11
> I've got a few HOWTOs for installing Trac, setting up Mercurial and HgTrac,
> and making them work on there (they're installed in my home directory, not
> system-wide, it's a bit of a faff but it's doable and when installed works
> pretty well).
> Mailing-list wise, Mailman and Pipermail are installed. These are the two
> apps that run the gEDA list.
> I've had Mediawiki installed (and working) previously, but not recently.
> I'd be more than happy to provide webspace on this machine if the project
> leads want it, and/or set up a quick "testbench" if there's any interest.
> Thanks,


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