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Re: Polygon work


On Fri, 23 Jan 2009, jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:

I am thinking (but i can be wrong) the main advantage of thermal reliefs
is to allow unsoldering defective components.
Mainly on multilayers (4 and more layers), without thermal reliefs,
unsoldering thought pins is very difficult

Second that. Also if you have to make boards without soldermask (by hand or oven) thermal reliefs will help in confining the flow. Without thermals maskless fine pitch smd will be really annoying, so I think there have to be per pad keepout and thermal defines or at least some pad/pin class type definitions. It makes no sense to make the whole board with tight tolerances if there is just one tqfp sitting in the middle of the power electronics (where one would need some clearance anyway). Maybe that could be solved by allowing zones in zones with different parameters? Zones in zones would be really nice for confining different 'local grounds' too. Naturally separale keepout layer will do.

Any thoughts where the February release goals would be? Are we going to get along next Ubuntu cycle? Is there definitely going to be release in February?