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Re: New zoom code musings.


On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

experience. Experience is past tense. So again, I suggest you try my
array, gain some experience with it, then comment on that experience in
past tense.

It is quite usable as every one knows. The factors are about 1.5 take or give something.

I did that for your array, and it flunked my user experience test.
Please show me the same courtesy. I'm not interested in doubling areas,
since my cortex cannot compute WxH without counting pixels and writing

I do value your work very much and I I also do _not_ want these decisions to be based on anything, but technical excellence. The reasons for power series is very simply put. It allows exact 'main' zoom levels (on integer exponent) and easily configurable ticks in between, while keeping all ratios the same. The ratios are the same on every tick -> zoom is smooth and not jumpy on scrolling, so pleasant predictable motion (in my brains at least).

Also the system lends itself very well configurable by two parameters, namely the denominator of the exponent (count of the middle ticks) and the base (the values for main levels). Nicely done without hard coded stuff.

Alain expressed the common scope system and it is quite close, but heavily rounded to allow easy reding of values. The increments aren't the same. It is completely different use. The base of such system is cubic root of ten. which gives 2.15443469 as quite exact value for the factor. One can easily see the result by multiplying a short series. On rounding that gives 2, 5, 10 -system.

That was quite all I'm going to put on explaining the thing and I suggest adding ifdef Dick / Vesa on the code till there is configuration code done :) I hope you, Dick see that my debate is not against you or anyone, it is for making Kicad the best tool money can't buy.


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