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Re: New zoom code musings.


Vesa Solonen wrote:
My array seems to work. We came from powers of two. I don't know why
that is important. sqrt(2) is a fractional power of two, not a true
integral power of two. So this is an overly theoretical goal.

You'll see:
1. 1
2. sqrt(2) 1.41
3. sqrt(2)*sqrt(2) 2
4. sqrt(2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(2) 2.82
5. sqrt(2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(2)*sqrt(2) 4

Not mention area doubles on every step and zoom factor is exactly the same every time (smooth zoom) and keeps half/doulbe scale along. What makes that overly theoretical?


This is not a description of a user experience. Technically a user experience is past tense, meaning that a user has already had the experience. Experience is past tense. So again, I suggest you try my array, gain some experience with it, then comment on that experience in past tense.

I did that for your array, and it flunked my user experience test. Please show me the same courtesy. I'm not interested in doubling areas, since my cortex cannot compute WxH without counting pixels and writing down the dimensions and doing the math. Most of my array is based on a 1.5 factor, which is what I asked for originally.


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