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2009/2/17 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:
> SJARDI@... wrote:
>> Hi all:
>> First: Dear kicad-developers thank you very much for you work in this
>> very usefull PCB software.
>> Second: I have found a bug in the Scale adjustment for printing in
>> Linux, Ubuntu 8.04.
>> When I try to print a PCB, it isn't print to scale 1:1, using Acurate
>> Scale option.
>> Then I use X Scale Adjust and Y Scale Adjust option to adjust the scale.
>> Adtar that, the Y Scale prints correct, but the X Scale don't have
>> adjusted to X Scale Adjust value. Its seem to be adjusted to the Y
>> Scale Adjust value.
>> Thank you very much for your great work.
>> Sebastián Jardi Estadella
>> sjardi@...
>> http://www.tinet.org/~sje/index_en.htm
> Thanks Sebastian. You should file a bug report at the sourceforge bug
> tracker. This email posting will get lost.
> Dick

If this bug is real, it explains problems I had with PCB from my laser
printer. I was busy trying thermotransfer and I hadn't checked how the
scaling really works. Maybe I should as I had problems with rasters.

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