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Re: DBUS, ARM Board


2009/3/31 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:
>>> I may have some time later in the year to start this. I am currently
>>> bringing a new ARM board to market that was designed with Kicad.
>> (-: To you have "KiCad Powered" sticker on them?? :-)
> Da Board:
> http://dl.softplc.com/ds_Smartboard.pdf

Very nice design - I like it :-) The flyer do not mention anything
about programming FPGA - do you assume that it keeps only your code in
its non-volatile memory or can it be reprogrammed by main processor?

>> Having external interface to interact with KiCad from other tools
>> could be nice feature. It may allow extending KiCad by other projects.
> It looks like I may have a contract to add DBUS support to another
> product soon, so I might get experience on that and hopefully make it
> easier to add support for it to Kicad.

I would be really nice to see interaction between some Spice
application and KiCad :-) I am wondering about data describing
elements in design.

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